Episode Name: "Pop Decoy"
Season: 1
Written by: Louise Kramskoy
Episode Number: 1
Air Date June 5, 2006
Next Episode: Sir Clunkalot

Ernie: Morning Millie. Ah, whats that song?
Millie: Its Sam 7's latest hit, Ernie!
Ernie: Sam 7, thats the popstar who's playing at the theatre tonight
Millie: YES!

Trivia Edit

  • The picture of Mr Rails in his dragon costume from Sir Clunkalot is seen in the newspaper.
  • This is the only episode where City doesn't speak.

Goofs Edit

  • The picture of Sam 7 in the newspaper isn't rendered properly and some of the text appears through the picture.
  • The clock in the factory reads 10:00 when Bakerloo arrives, but changes to 12:00 when he starts talking to the busker. Furthermore, the clock above the tunnel tells the time as 8:00.
  • The busker is carried up the escalator by the conveyor belt, but the steps aren't moving.